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The originality of the Spanish style in the interior

The Spanish style in the interior always makes itself felt loudly. Residents of the country of sultry summer and burning bullfight know a lot not only about cheerful fiestas, but also being surrounded by such things that create unprecedented warmth and comfort. The hot blood of the Spaniards is reflected in their love for bright color accents, the elegant curves of the arches and decorative wrought iron remind of sultry Spanish women with their chiseled figures swirling in colorful skirts to the rhythms of flamenco. The abundance of artistic techniques, such as: painting, carved wooden ornaments, facing tiles creates an indescribable spirit of the Renaissance, instills harmony and arouses genuine admiration.

Niches with arches in the interior of the living room

Among all the variations of the Mediterranean interior, the Spanish style deserves special attention.

The uniqueness of the Spanish style is determined by bold combinations: grace coexists with relaxedness, simplicity with functionality, and bright elements coexist with the tranquility of wooden facades. Let’s highlight three nuances by which it is easy to identify the Spanish style:

  1. The predominance of bright, colorful shades when decorating walls and ceilings.
  2. The presence of natural and natural materials in the interior.
  3. A catchy combination of luxury and simplicity.

Panoramic window in the living room of the Spanish style

Spanish style is difficult to confuse with other directions

It is thanks to the indescribable color that the Spanish style in the interior is suitable for the design of any room. Bold solutions and a daring combination of bright colors make the interior fresh and attractive for a large number of people thinking about changes in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom..

Pros and cons of Spanish style

The undoubted advantage of the Spanish style in the interior is the moment of recreation of the festive atmosphere in the house. Light walls reflecting the sunlight pouring from the windows, bright accents pleasing the eye on cloudy days and rainy evenings, luxurious massive furniture that serves both comfort and functionality.

Wooden beam in the living room with two windows

Large windows are typical for rooms – the room should literally bathe in the sun

Living room interior in Spanish style

The direction is in many ways similar to the colonial style.

However, the lack of the interior follows from the above: an endless holiday, a fiesta without end and edge can “blur” the eye, and feelings of joy and fun will be replaced by irritation. Bright color spots in the bedroom can make it difficult to tune in to a restful peaceful sleep, and bulky furniture in a small living room will only visually reduce the space and add absurdity instead of luxury..

Color accents in the interior

Do not forget that the Spanish interior is not an abundance of multi-colored spots, it is a competent combination of neutral pastel shades with separate bright elements. The color decor mainly consists of a palette of warm shades: yellow, red, orange, coffee, terracotta, wheat.

Ceiling with decorative beams in a bright living room

In a Spanish setting, combinations of light backgrounds and bright accents are used

White walls in a Spanish-style living room

Walls are usually plastered and painted white

Gray shelves with books in the living room

Accent zones are decorated mainly in natural natural tones.

In order not to overload the interior, it is necessary to correctly distribute contrasts, the simplicity of the main Spanish style should emphasize colorful motives, and not look naked against the background of a riot of colors. In the bedroom, it is better to give preference to a discreet holiday, but in the kitchen you can safely use contrasts and bright elements..

Floor and ceiling

A special place in the Spanish style is occupied by the design of the floor and ceiling. Preference is given to a floor made of wood, as it harmonizes pleasantly with the rest of the interior and literally radiates warmth and comfort. A great addition will be a small colorful carpet that will emphasize the luxury of the wood floor and the overall decoration of the room..

Bright carpet on the wood floor

Colored rugs are very popular in Spanish style

Large stone wall in the bedroom

Warm wood floor in a spacious bedroom

Another good solution is ceramic or clay tiles, which add a kind of charm to the room. If you make a warm floor in the house, then it will be pleasant to walk on such tiles barefoot, imagining a warm sandy beach. Especially the tiled floor will look good in the kitchen..

Decorating the dining area in Spanish style

Durable ceramic floor in the kitchen-dining room

The bathroom is almost always finished with ceramic tiles or multi-colored mosaics. Such bright walls charge positive energy in the morning, and in the evening they are pleasantly pleasing to the eye..

Interior of a large bathroom in Spanish style

Spacious bathroom with classic wooden furniture

To decorate the ceiling, wood beams are used, the passages between the rooms are given an arched shape. Quite often, there is a fancy painting on the walls along the perimeter of the ceiling, emphasizing the local flavor, and frescoes are additionally used in the kitchen..

Wooden brown beams on white ceiling

Smooth plastered surfaces between timber beams – typical ceiling finish

Living room in Spanish style

The Spaniards are hospitable hosts, so they have the largest and lightest room in the house for the living room, which is filled with a cheerful holiday atmosphere. The living room is not just a sitting room, it is the real heart of the house. As furniture, large soft sofas with luxurious upholstery in pearl or champagne color, a massive wooden table and chairs decorated with intricate carvings are chosen..

Living room interior with fireplace with Spanish style

Arch in the interior of the living room of the Spanish style

Colorful carpet on the wooden floor of the living room in spanish style

Bright interior of the Spanish living room

Wooden furniture in the interior of the Spanish living room

Living room with beautiful marble floor

Of the decor elements are used floor lamps with long legs, painted floor vases, the walls are decorated with paintings in gilded frames. Cozy armchairs are certainly placed for guests. It would be wise to complement the Spanish style with large full-length mirrors in massive frames, so the room will seem larger and brighter..

Luxury bedroom

For a Spanish bedroom interior, it is best to choose pastel, soft colors that will soothe and tune in to relaxation. A light palette is used in shades of gray, beige, pearl, caramel, muted emerald.

Spanish style bedroom interior

When decorating the bedroom, pleasant muted shades are used

Wide bed with decorative pillows

A comfortable and spacious bed takes center stage in the Spanish bedroom

The central place in the bedroom belongs to the bed. It must be spacious and made of dark natural wood. A sophisticated wrought iron headboard will add aristocracy and cold aesthetics. If desired, the bed can be equipped with a royally luxurious canopy – it will be very Spanish style.

Yellow bedspread on a wooden bed

The atmosphere of the bedroom promotes good rest and good sleep

Spanish style bedroom interior with fireplace

A fireplace will add coziness and warmth to a beautiful bedroom

Bright elements should not be overused in the bedroom. It is better to do with wicker chairs and simple furniture, and paintings depicting seascapes or still lifes, intricate embroidered tapestries on the walls, graceful floor lamps on the sides of the bed and gilded decorations on the dressing table will help to dilute the situation..

Spanish style cuisine

The kitchen for the Spanish is a place in the house where you can take out all the riot of colors. Here they do not just cook food, here they rest their souls and relax after a long day. To recreate the Spanish style, contrasts are played in the kitchen – light walls are opposed to a dark set, and large light windows are framed by massive bright curtains. Ideal materials for decoration will be stone, painted tiles and mosaic elements on the walls..

White kitchen set with a massive island

White wardrobes are successfully combined with warm wooden details

Spanish style wooden cabinet in the kitchen

Spanish cuisine should have wooden furniture

Wooden countertop with integrated copper alloy sink

The copper sink will be the highlight of the kitchen interior

Kitchen utensils also become an interior item. Wicker baskets with fresh pastries or fruits, antique painted crockery and ceramic pots perfectly complement the overall Spanish style. A wrought iron chandelier and matching sconces can be a wonderful accent in the kitchen..

Spanish style kitchen interior

A decorated hood can become the center of the interior.

Forged fixtures on the ceiling with wood beams

Iron lamps and arched openings are perfect

Thus, the Spanish style in the interior is not limited to any area in the house, it is multifunctional and luxurious, it is not difficult to bring it to life, both in the living room and in the kitchen, and it will delight with its comfort and nobility for many years.

Dining area with red chairs

Cozy and comfortable Spanish interior is quite easy to perform

Photo: 50 examples of luxurious Spanish interiors

interesting wooden ceiling in the living room of the Spanish style stone cladding in the interior of the kitchen Kitchen hood decorative finish Wooden furniture in the kitchen with an arch Corner fireplace in the interior of the living room Forged chandelier over the dining table Chic wooden furniture in the bathroom Cabinet decoration in Spanish style Contrasting combination of red armchairs with white walls Wooden table on gray carpet Dining chairs with carved backs Beautiful entrance hall of a private house Ceramic floor in the lobby of a country house Entrance hall of a private house with wood trim Sofa group in a spacious living room Blue color in the design of the living room Living room design in shades of gray White living room with large windows Light gray corner sofa Ceramic flooring in the kitchen Kitchen-dining design in the Spanish spirit Forged lamp on the ceiling of the kitchen Decorative pillows on the living room floor Kitchen-living room in light shades Design of a modern version of the Spanish style Light curtains on the panoramic window Dry grass lampshade on ceiling light Wooden table on a striped carpet Wall decoration with mirrors in original frames Wall decor above the sofa using a painting Bardovy carpet on a light floor Figurines of angels on a white wall Bar counter in modern kitchen Dining area design in a spacious kitchen Red accents in a white interior Rough wall with brickwork Roughly finished beams in the dormitory Living room interior with three windows Zoning living room with dining area Kitchen set behind sliding doors Profile pipe coffee tables children's room with a window to the floor Bright bedspread on a white bed Bright interior of a living room in a private house Living room interior in a rural house Wall of blocks in the interior of the kitchen-living room Spanish living room with stairs to the second floor of a private house White bathtub in a spacious room Designer pouf in front of the bed in the white bedroom Wooden ceiling in the dining area of ​​the kitchen

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